DM10.000 dynamic



The Kiekens DUSTMASTER DM10.000-dynamic is capable of carrying out a great number of functions around the clock in both light and heavy industrial settings, and require the minimum of maintenance. Reliability is improved even further thanks to the tried and tested Kiekens industrial fans used in the series.

The modular structure provides maximum flexibility regarding installation locations and air volumes. The capacity of a single DM10.000-dynamic unit goes up to 7,500 m3/h. The modules can also be linked together for dealing with even greater air volumes.

As standard, the Dustmaster DM10.000-dynamic comes with an integrated fan module for which a range of blades with different characteristics and also motor capacities are available in order that performance and low energy consumption is optimised in every type of operating environment.

The fan module is fitted with noise insulation in order to reduce to a minimum noises from the module casing and the fan itself. Extra noise
insulation can be fitted as an option. We offer both series produced, as well as customer-specific systems suitable for a wide range of applications. This leaflet provides details of only one of the many product groups in our range.


Effective filtration

An important feature of the DM10.000-dynamic concerns the large sized filter housing with integrated pre-separation space. The contaminated air in the pre-separation space is directed to the dust extractor, resulting in regular air flow and low air speed in the filter unit itself, therefore more effective dust separation. Deploying this type of technology ensures that ‘difficult’ dust types are easily separated and the lifetime of the filters is extended.

Filter elements

The Kiekens panel filters are noted for high levels of filtration and long life. The filters retain their shape and are wear resistant thanks to the unique design. The large pleating ensures that panel filters can be thoroughly cleaned, even with ‘difficult’ types of dust. Kiekens panel filters are made from polyester as standard. As an option, the panel filters can also be finished with a PTFE (Teflon) membrane and/or made antistatic. Panel filters made from polypropylene with micro-porous coatings or for high temperatures, can also be supplied on request. Emissions lower than 1.0 mg/ Nm3 are possible with Kiekens panel filters.


  • Proven Kiekens technology
  • Energy efficient
  • Solid welded steel design
  • Effective filtration, residual dust emission <1mg/Nm3
  • Low noise levels
  • Low maintenance
  • Various dust extraction options
  • Modular design
  • Manufactured in the Netherlands

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