Kiekens Dustmaster DM1200 series The Kiekens Dustmaster DM1200 series has been designed to remove (fine) dust quickly and effectively by suction. Thanks to the Kiekens K-series modular concept, the Kiekens Dustmaster DM1200 series has a wide range of applications. For example, as a stationary filter unit connected to a central dust extraction system or as a mobile filter unit for extracting dust at the source. The optional Kiekens suction arm can be used for this. The large sized filter bags of 5.8m² guarantees that capacity is retained for long periods so that work can be continued without any interruptions. During operation the degree of filter contamination is checked using the standard mounted manometer, to determine when the filter has to be cleaned. The filter can be cleaned easily by the ergonomically mounted crank. The dust that is collected is placed in a large mobile 120L dust container which can be fitted with a rubbish bag.

Kiekens suction arm

  • 180º work area for the Dustmaster
  • Collection cap can be positioned 90º in  all directions through ring handgrip
  • Adjustable air volume
  • Air conductor in collection cap  for even suction.
  • Range of 2 or 3 metres,  depending on model
  • External hinges for low air  resistance and sound level
  • Optional stainless steel  model available


Jet-pulse model

The DM12144 is suitable for constant operation and high dust concentrations without a reduction in suction strength through the use of large filter cartridges and a single jet-pulse valve for each filter cartridge. The compressed air use is kept to a minimum by using an adjustable filter control with which the correct balance between performance and air usage is always achieved. An optional remote control and dp control can also be connected.


  • Proven Kiekens technology
  • Modular design according to Kiekens K-series concept
  • Solid steel construction
  • Available in stationary or mobile model
  • Only small surface area required
  • Large teflon coated bag filter or 14.4m² jet- pulse cleaned cartridge filter
  • Standard as dust class “M”, average permeability <0.1%
  • Built-in cyclone separator
  • Dust transport through large 120L dust container on swivel wheels.
  • Reliable and low-maintenance
  • Suitable for constant operation (jet-pulse)
  • Dutch quality product

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