DM8000 – DM9000



The Dustmasters panel filter makes dust filtration systems
considerably compacter while providing a high degree of separation and a long service life. It is designed for operations that require the extraction of extremely fine and sometimes hazardous dust to ensure a safe working environment. Due to its pressure-resistant construction, the Dustmaster
8000 is highly suited for operations involving explosive substances. The DM8000 and DM9000 are suitable for use in the plastics, chemical, metal, pharmaceutical and food industries. 


If desired, the DM8000 and the DM9000 can be equipped for use in hazard zones 2 (gas) and 22 (dust), in accordance with ATEX 114 (directive 2014/34EU). The modified Dustmaster features safeguards to prevent it from being an ignition source. In the event that explosive substances are sucked up, the Dustmaster is pressure and shockproof.

Kiekens offers an extensive range of active and passive safety systems to safely vent or prevent overpressure created by an explosion.


  • 99.9% dust class M
  • Certified according to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC
  • Filter type: Pleated panel
  • Filter material: PTFE Membrane & Polyester

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