Kiekens’ reliable KG series of industrial vacuum cleaners are highly suitable for vacuuming large quantities of heavy dust or as multi-point “plug-and-play” vacuum units in a central vacuum system.

The KG series is based on a robust, modular steel construction, allowing the assembly of a custom industrial vacuum cleaner with various frames, dust extraction options, filters and vacuum units. The KG series can be configured to suit any challenge.

The large filter surface and powerful mechanical or compressed air filter cleaning provide effective dust separation and a long filter service life. A version with HEPA filter is available for use with hazardous substances.

The specially-developed, 7-stage, high-efficiency turbochargers enable continuous operation with capacities of over 900 m³/h, while maintaining extremely low noise levels.

Large air capacity

The Kiekens KG series guarantees a large and stable air capacity for extracting large quantities of dry dust and chips. Combined with a Kiekens pre-separator, the KG series is perfect for bulk extraction.

High suction

KG vacuums feature high suction combined with large air volume to easily overcome the resistance of long piping systems and suction hoses while maintaining suction power. The system guarantees the minimum air velocities necessary for adequate air transport.

KG – series

The modular and KG industrial vacuum cleaners are suitable for vacuuming large amounts of dust and bulk material. They are also specifically designed as plug-and-play, high-vacuum units in a central vacuum system. The power of the KG allows the user to vacuum at multiple points simultaneously.

Atex 114

If desired, Kiekens’ industrial vacuum cleaners can be equipped for use in hazard zones 2 (gas) and 22 (dust), in accordance with ATEX- directive 2014/34EU). KG industrial vacuum cleaners can be configured for use in other zones on request.

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